Thoughts & Well Wishes

Jaci Seddon | Jun 13, 2006
Hi Nate. My name is Jaci & we live in Knoxville, Iowa. Pat & Charlie are wonderful friends of ours and shared with us your battle with cancer. We truly hope that you continue to have major improvements & successes in your fight with this. You seem to be an inspiration to others who may be going thru the same thing. God Bless.
Linda McKinney | Jun 13, 2006
Nate I want to say what a wonderful person you are, with everything you are going through you still have such a great attitude wonderful spirit, and such a big heart. You make Jena so happy Iam so glad you found eachother she loves you very much. We pray for you everyday and no you will be just fine, cant wait for mexico! Love Linda McKinney
Lisa DeVore | Jun 13, 2006
Dear Nate,

Hey bro its James, well i havent seen ya since the dinner but i am plannin on comin over soon to hang out, ur looking a lot better and i am glad everything is going well, my whole family is praying for you and we support you all the way, well ttyl.

Christy Parker | Jun 14, 2006
hi nathan - just want to let you know that we check up on you and think of you every single day. we hate that you have to go through all this, but we know you will

come through like a champ. know that you can call and

talk to anyone here whenever you feel the need. You

are in our prayers. love to you and all the jurneys

From Peds West/Mary S.
Maryann Sletten | Jun 14, 2006
Hi Nate,

You don't know me but I'm a friend of Jacob Knipp's mom. I work with her at Coors. We've had several battles like yours in our family and I just want to tell you to hang in there and don't give up! Believing you can "Win the Battle" is 90% of the fight. You obviously have many friends who are all doing what they can to help you. You are thought of everyday by people you don't even know. Keep smiling.

Maryann Sletten