Thoughts & Well Wishes

Love from Your Grannie | Mar 30, 2019
Had the whole beach for the party this morn....birds are few and far between due to our nasty bout of red tide this year...but your spirit still roams our sandy shores.  Our beach, as our heart, will heal a little more each year, nurtured by all the happy memories, and the comfort they bring.  Being a rascal as you were, makes it all seem like only yesterday....
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Love you Nate, Your Grannie | May 21, 2018
Another beach party with no dolphins...but two large pelicans swooping down before me and a beautiful butterfly flitting near my shoulder...such a ham  you still are.  Life continues to march on just as our gentle gulf waves are always there...missing you more with each of my passing years...wish you were here  !!
Grannie | May 21, 2017

Well Bud, sorry couldn't make it to the beach today, though memories of you don't need a perfect setting.  Hopefully tomorrow ( the 22nd)....which is the day it actually was for me when I learned you had passed due to EST....will find those dolphins lined up, waiting. 

 A beautiful cardinal just landed on the picture window sill...looking for your sunflower seeds...or just to let me know all is well?  Missing you and praying for your family...God Bless

Carolyn Sells | Mar 30, 2017
Another birthday come and gone, with those who love you still, stopping to remember that smile, or having that piece of chocolate cake for you....what's important is that you passed this way and made so many of us take notice...all better off because we loved you...all living a little fuller life because we carry you with us...Peace of the Beach be with you...
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Carolyn Sells | May 21, 2016
Remembering you today, as every day, with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.  Funny how life moves on and plays out like it was meant to....funny how thoughts of you are always so funny....and there whenever I need to pull one up !  The pic of 4 year old you chasing seagulls on Monterey Beach is at the end of the hall outside your room...the room has been redone, but this creaky old beach cottage still echos your glee.  Funny how some people just leave their mark on this world....Peace be with you Bud!
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Carolyn Sells | Mar 30, 2016
Another beach party with NO dolphins and another year of missing you.  Know that you will forever be in our hearts.  As I walked back to the car, sad not to have seen a dolphin, the cloudy sky opened up enough to let the sun's rays shine thru.  You are such a ham!  Love you, Gran
Carolyn Sells | May 21, 2015

The beach party was glorious.  I texted Sal about how beautiful the day is here and as I hit send, people all jumped up , looking towards the water, a sure dolphin sighting signal.  I missed the dolphin coming out of the water, and watched as this beautiful young blonde ran after it along the shore.  First regrets that I missed the sighting, then a warm heart that like the dolphin symbol of Nate, girls were still chasing him. 

 Nate knew that love never dies.   The greatest tribute to Nate is finding new love and not wasting a moment here on earth.  Happiness truly is a journey, not a destination!    Missing you Big Guy.....