Well Wish

By — Jun 10, 2006
Hey Nate,

Love your new duu...finally a little Norcross coming out of your genes!! Gran and Poppie are very proud of how you are handling the curve you've been thrown. Sounds like everyone in your world is ready to do whatever to help and that only shows me what a remarkable young man you are. We wear our bracelets, have you enrolled in prayer groups in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Alabama, Montana, and Indiana....but beyond that we KNOW you are up for this struggle and the outcome will be a healthy , more mature adult with a purpose few will ever be able to understand.

"Winning isn't everything...it's the ONLY thing".

God understands you are Grannie's favorite...Bless your folks and keep them strong Nate, and when you're well again, remember your old Gran needs a hug!