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Journal entry by Naomi Gallego

Hello Caring Friends!

    It has been a few weeks since my last journal entry and quite a bit has happened. Not with me, but our whole world has been upturned by the Covid 19 virus. Every restaurant worker or Chef I know has lost their job, every restaurant owner is struggling to keep they business afloat and some have already had to fold. Medical personnel are struggling to do their jobs with dwindling amounts of PPE and resources, while they try to save lives. Cities, schools, all gathering places are shut down, people are hoarding toilet paper like maniacs. 

    I have been getting out to my daily radiation treatments and staying in for the most part except for the odd visit to the grocery store or pharmacy. The chemo has been for the most part side effect free, but there has been some nausea, noise and light sensitivity,and fatigue. In addition to the hormone imbalance, I have now for the first time in my life, trouble sleeping. That and the daily headaches are are not super fun. I am walking when the weather is kind and sleeping when my body says to sleep

  The radiation is now a few weeks in and has caused a number of delightful abdominal and digestion issues which I will NOT mention here, but they are painful and challenging to deal with. I am trying to grin and bear it.I am bingeing series and movies as I expect most of the rest of you are as well.  Butterflies and Rainbow by Casey Musgraves has been my go to song for feeling good, and indulging in a good cry. I LOVE her!

  BIG thank you to everyone who joined the Meal Train! I just got a lovely visit and delivery from Courtney Goldian today and it was an AMAZING spread of pulled pork, fresh tortilla, guac, pickled red onions, crema, cotija and some black beans with pork. IT WAS DELICIOUS! I even got a cute card from their daughter!I have also gotten some fantastic meals in the last few weeks and I am so appreciative of the kindness and generosity of friends and the visits mean a lot to me as well. Truly.

  My brother Malachi is scheduled to drive out from Michigan to be with me for my next chemo dose on April 8th. I am feeling very fortunate in general. I am conscience of the fact that I am in a position that many others are not. After liquidating my IRA, I am able to live with out money stress for the next several months, I have insurance, good doctors, a safe place to rest my head, an amazing family and group of friends. I am thankful for my many, many blessings.

Sending you all love, and warmth!
Stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS!
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