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Aug 09-15

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Mom is all done with radiation as of this past Monday! YEA!!! No more chemo for 4 weeks either! YEA!!! We are hoping these next 4 weeks will give her body the much needed rest and rejuvenation she needs before she resumes chemo. We are very hopeful that during this break she will regain her strength and the irritation to her brain will subside (radiation adds insult to injury, but is SO necessary to treat the cancer). We are optimistic her speech and mobility will markedly improve over the next 4 weeks! 

In the meantime, our warrior is not letting any of this stop her from continuing to enjoy life however and whenever she can! Cancer shmancer may have slowed her down, but nothing can stop this woman! Mom’s oncologist’s nurse practitioner told Mom she is a model patient and she should write a book to teach people about having such a great, positive attitude while fighting cancer! 

Some fun things to come for her in next few weeks include seeing Madame Butterly, Howl at the Moon Dueling Pianos, a facial, a massage, and her birthday!!!!!! I am sure there will be some much needed naps in there too. LOL Hopefully on 3/9 her MRI will show the radiation and chemo worked and we will have even more reason to celebrate!!!! 

Love, prayers, and thanks to all! ♥️

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