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-----Nancy's online calendar:

-----Nancy Ann James is in Apt I-113 at  Brookdale Destin, 2400 Crystal Cove Lane, Destin, FL 32550, 850-267-1600 (Brookdale)
-----Nancy's room phone number is 850-424-6923.
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In 2015, Nancy was struck with Afib. Since then she has had other health issues. but seemed to be getting better with her medications, walking, and activities. On February 19, 2017 she fell, hitting her head,  a serious injury. That night she had brain surgery for the subdural hematoma at Bay Medical in Panama City, FL. Making an unusually successful recovery from the operation, given her age and condition, but not able to care for herself, on Feb. 26 she moved to a rehabilitation center, HealthSouth in PC.  There she made progress, always eating well, happy to receive visitors, starting to walk. However, she reached the end of services provided there, but still was tired and not able to do many things.
On March 15, she transferred to Grand Boulevard rehab, where she did not make sufficient progress to go home. On April 12, she transferred to assisted living in the same building. With her repeated attempts to leave, they could not assure her safety. On June 13, she moved to a secure environment,  Memory Care at Clare Bridge, Brookdale Destin. On October 4, 2018 she moved to assisted living at Brookdale.

 I'm not sure any of her friends and relatives have a clear picture of her status because it changes so radically. One minute she is discussing a fine point about Buddhism from a book or remembering someone's last name. Another minute she cannot visualize the bike path where she walked every day for years. She may be trying to leave to go home to her family, although she does not know where or when that might be. One minute she's walking to the door, with or without walker. Another minute she needs to lie down and rest in the middle of eating dinner because she's too tired. One minute she's smiling and normal. Another minute she's not.

This story is told by Caroling Geary. I wish others would fill in, as I'm sure there is much more to be told. Write in the Journal. Add photos and captions in the Gallery. Visit the Planner. 

Nancy James Phone: 850-424-6923.
Apt I-113
 Brookdale Destin
2400 Crystal Cove Lane
Destin, FL 32550
Brookdale Phone: (850) 267-1600

There are no specific visiting hours (but before 9PM, please). There is free WI-FI, with password available from office. Entry and exit with staff assistance. You can eat lunch (with menu choices) with her in the dining room for $8. There is an outdoor walking and seating area.

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Caroling Geary

Tough day in computer trenches. Dealing with unexpected glitches with cursor flying about and inadvertently clicking things that suddenly demand attention on a computer screen. How to stay on course? We did some computer practice. We took the first steps to establishing a new Facebook identity for Nancy, since her email is gone and so is her password. Out for lunch. Then used Nancy's phone to call Joen Snyder O'Neal in Minnesota, an old friend and Zen associate. She didn't answer to Nancy's call. But I tried with a number stored on my phone. Joen answered. Yes, she has been hacked in Facebook and Messenger with a $150K scam scheme. But it was good to hear them get back in touch.

I walked out with a new pair of earrings. I had admired the little fan shapes, saying I had never seen them. She showed me three storage racks of earrings and two boxes of unsorted ones, saying she has too many. 

Before I left I was truly pleased to hear how happy she is in Assisted Living. She loves getting "free" meals and all the help with living. She's happy with the fountain and bird feeder outside her door and knowing she can come and go as she pleases. She talked as if this was the best that life could get. Almost as if she had planned and created this future for herself.
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