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-----Nancy's online calendar:

-----Nancy Ann James is in Room B118 at Clare Bridge, Brookdale Destin, 2400 Crystal Cove Lane, Destin, FL 32550, 850-296-0630 (Brookdale) or 850-699-7783 (Clare Bridge).
-----Nancy's room phone number is 850-424-6923.
Driving directions appear in journal entries and on map to Dr. Wu:

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In 2015, Nancy was struck with Afib. Since then she has had other health issues. but seemed to be getting better with her medications, walking, and activities. On February 19, 2017 she fell, hitting her head,  a serious injury. That night she had brain surgery for the subdural hematoma at Bay Medical in Panama City, FL. Making an unusually successful recovery from the operation, given her age and condition, but not able to care for herself, on Feb. 26 she moved to a rehabilitation center, HealthSouth in PC.  There she made progress, always eating well, happy to receive visitors, starting to walk. However, she reached the end of services provided there, but still was tired and not able to do many things.
On March 15, she transferred to Grand Boulevard rehab, where she did not make sufficient progress to go home. On April 12, she transferred to assisted living in the same building. With her repeated attempts to leave, they could not assure her safety. On June 13, she moved to a secure environment,  Memory Care at Clare Bridge, Brookdale Destin.

 I'm not sure any of her friends and relatives have a clear picture of her status because it changes so radically. One minute she is discussing a fine point about Buddhism from a book or remembering someone's last name. Another minute she cannot visualize the bike path where she walked every day for years. She may be trying to leave to go home to her family, although she does not know where or when that might be. One minute she's walking to the door, with or without walker. Another minute she needs to lie down and rest in the middle of eating dinner because she's too tired. One minute she's smiling and normal. Another minute she's not.

This story is told by Caroling Geary. I wish others would fill in, as I'm sure there is much more to be told. Write in the Journal. Add photos and captions in the Gallery. Visit the Planner. 

Nancy James Phone: 850-424-6923.
Room B118
Memory Care
Clare Bridge, Brookdale Destin
2400 Crystal Cove Lane
Destin, FL 32550
 Clare Bridge Phone: (850) 699-7783

There are no specific visiting hours (but before 9PM, please). There is free WI-FI, with password available from office. Entry and exit with staff assistance. You can eat lunch (with menu choices) with her in the dining room for $8. There is an outdoor walking and seating area.

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Caroling Geary

Brief visit with Nancy this morning. I called when she was sleeping but she wanted to go shopping. When we returned she was too tired for the computer. Needed to rest up for lunch. I managed to get this quick photo of Nancy and RC, sitting on the couch before we left. See the gallery.

We discussed the primary election, which she knew was happening on Aug. 28. I said I would pick her up sometime so we could go together for early voting, which starts on Aug. 18. Then I wondered if they would turn her away because of ID. I should have had her re-register before the cutoff date. Well, if so, she can get registration in place for the general election in November. 😀
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Julie Connley | Feb 8, 2018
This afternoon Nancy visited with an ole friend from Cassine Garden, Helen LaBarge. Nancy recognized her and called her by name and even knew her age ( soon to be 90). Ginger Thompson and Julie Connley enjoyed their visit with Nancy also. We plan to return soon! 
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susan spencer | Jan 3, 2018
dear nancy -  I miss my visits to cassine gardens with you - I remember coming for several days in 1991 over the christmas holidays -  there is a photo somewhere of you, me and martin in front of an airport christmas tree -  best wishes and love - susan
Loretta Simonet | Jul 24, 2017
Hello Dear Nancy,
It's Loretta Simonet, one of the people who worked for you at the Blue Heron Cafe in Minneapolis, in the 1980s. It was a vegetarian Cafe in south Minneapolis, and  you started it to help raise some money for the Zen Center. We all loved working there for you. It was a very special place, with many happy employees and happy customers. Pepe says hi and send  you all his love. Remember, he was from Chile, and had a thick accent! He says, "Thank you Nancy, you were an important part of my life."  You ARE an important part of our lives, Nancy. We all love you, and are sending positive, healing thoughts to you. I will remember you during my meditations. I am posting a photo in the Picture Gallery, of some of the Blue Heron employees. Love, Love, Love, from Loretta, and my husband Curtis who also worked there!
George Frankfurter | Jun 19, 2017
Visited with Nancy, yesterday (6/18/2017), during lunchtime. A very pleasant Dining Hall and the food looks quite decent. Of course, she had a vegetarian meal but the rest of the ladies at the table had a four-course one, plus extra cake if they wished to pick one. Nancy doesn't eat anything sweet.
She seems to be much more connected than the last time I saw her at the Grand Blvd facility. But her memory is still very shaky. Her only complaint was that she doesn't know anybody at this place.
I am taking her to acupuncture on the 29th. Anxious to see how she acclimates to this, seemingly longer term, facility.
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Michel Spencer | Jun 12, 2017
Burts Buddies (was Nancys Tues PM small group) visited Nancy on Sun @2. In attendance were Burt, Mary, Michel. Later Lourdes and friend arrived.

I heard we were asked to quit Visiting Tues Eve's so moved to Sunday @2.

A huge shoutout goes to Burt for always organizing us and bringing a great Buddha coffee cup for Nancy!!! Thank YOU Burt!!!

Our usual schedule, was every other week. As we left, "the plan" was to visit & Meditate in 2 weeks.

We did not get to meditation or book yesterday...

Another interesting fact from yesterday...The alarm on Nancys wing was broken and the loud shrill alarm could not be turned off. (!?!)

Many factors created a shortened visit.
Michel Spencer | Jun 9, 2017
Visited Nancy on Wednesday 6/7/17. My labor of LOVE was to pick & wash & bring organic blueberries. I brought fresh flowers also.

Blueberries for health.

Flowers for the soul.

You can't eat flowers! ;0)

Caroling was there to take Nancy to her Dr Appt. Enough can NOT be said about the caring heart of Caroling. Nancy is so very fortunate to have such a GOOD FRIEND!!!!

Caroling IS a blessing!!!

On Wednesday, I also met Jane (sis in law) & Nancys brother. Are they on Caring Bridge????

Nancy had three visitors and my visit was short as Nancy had Dr Appt.

Caroling, I hope Dr went well. You are a true jewel to take her!!!!!!!

(Esp with brother/caretaker in town from ALA)
Carrie Nelle Moye | Mar 7, 2017
Nancy, that beautiful smile was so good to see when I logged on to Caring Bridge. Each of us is eager to have you "back with us." And you can be certain when you are at Grand Boulevard, you will see more of me that you probably want.
Love, Carrie Nelle
(If you have a private room, as I did, maybe we could even have meditation sessions.)

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