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Journal entry by Myra Jackson

Good evening family and friends, 
I want to apologize for not writing to you for a few days.  Have been having some side effects so just been working through that and make sure my mind is not so foggy when I write to you guys. 
My last long chemo day I had was Saturday the 21st. The pharmacist and the nurses wanted to see how the reaction would do if we just lowered the doses. So they gave me less steroids, and put the chemo med etoposide at 1/8 of the rate and they monitored me. I did well with it. No reaction. But the thing is, the slower the rate I get the chemo med, the longer it takes to administer. The med should take an hour to administer, but because of the reaction, its taking 4-5 hrs for the one med. Once that med is in my system, than they can continue with the other meds that also take an hour a piece to administer along with iv fluid bags. One iv fluid bag is an hour and I get another one that is two hrs. So those days are becoming really long. 
I had Sunday and Monday off of treatment which was nice. 
Sunday night into Monday morning was rough for me. I woke up in the middle of the night with raging heartburn. I took pepcid tablets and pepto bismal with barely any relief. I fought through that for a few hrs. By 7 am I just couldn't take it anymore. Was having chest tightness, chest pain, a knot feeling in my throat and in my chest, my heart was beating a million miles an hr and I was shaking. So I called the clinic and I went to the urgent care clinic for cancer patients at the hospital. 
My ekg came back normal, my blood work and urine came back good. The mass amount of steroids I have been on is damaging my esophagus and I'm having some severe heartburn flare ups. So for now, we try to manage the symptoms. They put me on prescription heartburn medicine, with a strict regimen of pepcid tablets, pepto bismal, and time. Things should start to get better in about a week. If they do not, than they will do further testing to see if I'm starting to have a gastric problem or getting an ulcer. So for now,, a "trial and error" thing.
I had treatment this morning. It was a short one. I was there for a few hrs. Everything went smoothly. Gave me more iv benadryl so I was pretty loopy for awhile. Some of the fatigue is starting to kick in again so I have been laying down a lot today. My body is feeling weak and I feel as if I'm starting to struggle, but my blood work is good. So that's good. Just have to manage through the side effects. Still going strong though! I do not have treatment all week. I go back in on Tuesday for one chemo med.  So I will just rest up this week and if anything comes up before Tuesday, I will let you guys know! Other wise, I will update after treatment on Tuesday! I love you all dearly!!!
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