Journal entry by Debi Davenport

I had low belly pain for 10 days before presenting to my medical provider, Marla Mathis. It was a Sunday and I texted her and said the pain was worse and my fever was 102 degrees, she was firm, go to the ER. I did and I had the nicest nurse practitioner in the ER, his name was Lee. Had a CT scan of my lower abdomen. Lee came to my room with x-ray type film and pointed to a large mass, at least 10 cm. He said the surgeon was on his way! 

Ovarian Cancer is usually not "caught" early, by the time the symptoms were bad enough to see a doctor, the cancer likely is already Stage III or IV - I'm Stage IIIc, just a notch from Stage IV. Stage IV is metastatic Ovarian Cancer which has already spread to lungs, pancreas, liver, stomach or bladder. I'm very lucky!

Listen to your body, if something doesn't feel right, go to your medical provider. There are no screening tests for OC, and research is far behind other cancers. There is much work to do, and I'm keeping all eyes on research. I'm hoping to be able to participate in a trial. There is one available called PARP, and it attacks the cancer cells and prohibits their replication. More on that later. 

Symptoms of OC are:
Feeling full
Frequent urinating
Painful Sex


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