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Unexpected Massive Pulmonary Embolism, Intubated, Cardiac Arrested x3, and Internal Bleeding on Monday April 23rd.  Fighting to survive at Baylor University Hospital, Dallas, Texas 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lisa Jacobs

I am blessed to say, Monica is Home! 😊  She was discharged last Thursday, June 7th after spending
6 weeks & 3 days in the Hospital(s).

First & foremost, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your Prayers, Support, & Love!  It truly helped me thru this time knowing that you were all here for us. 
🙏 😍 🙌 
A True Miracle. God works in mysterious ways and I believe it was by the Grace of God that she is with us here today.  For a reason, purpose, that someday will come to light. 

On Wednesday, Monica & I went to meet with the ED & ICU Staff at Texas Health HEB where this story began.  We catered a lunch for them as a sign of appreciation for all they did...For the ED Staff that "Never Gave Up" to the ICU staff that worked relentlessly to keep her alive.  We did find out a few more details of what she endured, shared stories, laughter, & hugs.  A healing moment for both of us!

As of now, we do not know why this happened to her but will continue to research & try to find out answers.  Before this, overall she was a healthy 27 year old; no pre-existing blood conditions.  I want to finish up this post with a timeline of the traumatic medical events she endured and conquered & the Miracles (in italic font) that occurred.

Monday, April 23rd:

  • Woke up with difficulty breathing, called 911.  Arrived at Emergency Department where she was intubated, shortly after she went into Cardiac Arrest 3 times where they worked on her for 80-90 minutes. They NEVER GAVE UP! 
  • During this time, the Charge Nurse was able to contact me via Monica's cell phone as it was in her hand, unlocked due to wearing a Samsung Gear watch.  I told her she was complaining of leg pain the week before.
  • Massive Pulmonary Embolism (PE). (She had a Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT in her left leg that broke off and moved into her heart & lungs).
  • They started tPA medication to break up the clot.
  • Admitted to ICU.  Fixed Dilated Pupils.  Was told no brain activity due to lack of reflexes & was given a 1% chance of survival.
  • Later that evening she started to open her eyes and could squeeze our hands on command

Tuesday, April 24th:

  • Internal Bleeding started
  • Massive Blood Transfusions - 40 units
  • Low Blood Pressure - 6 blood pressure medications each running at maximum amount
  • Blood would not clot - Disseminated intravascular coagulation - DIC set in
  • Couldn't find source of Internal Bleeding.  No Surgeon would operate, as they said she wouldn't survive it.
  • Kidney Failure
  • Still with us, she made it thru the first 24+ hours
Wednesday, April 25th:

  • Increased Abdominal Pressure due to continuation of Internal Bleeding
  • Developed Compartment Syndrome in her Abdominal area
  • With no other option for survival, Surgeon agreed to open her up. Went in blindly & suctioned out blood.
  • Monica made it thru Surgery
  • Still with us, she now made it thru the first 48+ hours

Thursday, April 26th:

  • She was now in Cardiogenic Shock
  • Air lifted by Helicopter to Baylor University in Dallas
  • Small window of opportunity as vitals were somewhat stable to be transferred
  • Placed on ECMO machine

5 days later her heart was strong enough to be taken off of ECMO, a few days later her lungs grew stronger and she was able to be extubated.  Transferred her back to  Texas Health - HEB as the level of care was consistent there.  Spent another week in ICU there, then moved to floor bed.  Kidneys woke up, started working again!! No more Dialysis.
On Saturday, May 19th (3 weeks/5days after onset) she was medically stable to be discharged to Rehab Hospital where she spent a little over 2 weeks working on gaining her physical strength back. She is home now, healing everyday & busy with MD follow up appointments & Outpatient Physical Therapy 2-3 days a week. 

I am fortunate to be here with Monica & assist her as the next chapter in this long story begins. That being said, I will not be updating this Caring Bridge journal moving forward unless the need arises.

I ask that you please keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal. We are hoping she will be able to go back to work in mid - July.  

Take care my friends & family!
Glory be to God!!😇 


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