Thoughts & Well Wishes

Paula Willey | Jul 27, 2019
Dear Monica, if I could visit, I would sit with you and read Pete the Cat beginning readers to you until you got out of bed just to make me stop! But I can’t, so I’m going to sit at home and read really good picture books and beam their genius at you.
You are so strong. Rest and recuperate and we’ll see each other soon!
much love,
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Virginia Euwer Wolff | Jul 22, 2020
Dear Monica,
I'm so glad to see your former student Sara's message from March 11. So lovely when kids remember and honor their deserving teachers with thanks--and this one includes her promise to read the finished book aloud to you. 
These hard times are taxing and daunting and longer than many of us had expected, and I hope your daily life has frequent delights. I still laugh (with relief) when I remember you running toward me at the Toronto Airport (because we had not actually made any plan about where to meet--how could we have been so careless?) and I remember our trip so fondly. Henry V at Stratford, then on to CLNE, and-- Gosh: We had no idea we were living in simpler times. 
I send you wishes for health and some laughter, knowing it's one medicine that helps us all.
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