Well Wish

By Virginia Euwer Wolff — Jul 22, 2020
Dear Monica,
I'm so glad to see your former student Sara's message from March 11. So lovely when kids remember and honor their deserving teachers with thanks--and this one includes her promise to read the finished book aloud to you. 
These hard times are taxing and daunting and longer than many of us had expected, and I hope your daily life has frequent delights. I still laugh (with relief) when I remember you running toward me at the Toronto Airport (because we had not actually made any plan about where to meet--how could we have been so careless?) and I remember our trip so fondly. Henry V at Stratford, then on to CLNE, and-- Gosh: We had no idea we were living in simpler times. 
I send you wishes for health and some laughter, knowing it's one medicine that helps us all.
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