Well Wish

By Carol Hampton Rasco, Charlottesville, VA — Mar 10, 2020

Monica, I am thrilled to learn you will be going home soon! I have just spent time in Arkansas on my March visit with my grandsons; the older two are always eager to sit and show me all they are doing in school. I read their latest book reviews and we discussed their current science units a great deal. The 4 year old was excited about Dr. Seuss he had just celebrated at pre-school.  And we were so happy we could play outside! A few photos: Howard the 4 yr old at his first T-ball lesson, Howard I voting me to his new playhouse, and all three boys enjoying the swing set after William the fifth grader got home from Quiz Bowl practice and William the second grader came home from his piano lesson. 

Thinking about you and the big, upcoming move!