Well Wish

By Carol Rasco — Feb 22, 2020

Hello, Monica! I am keeping up with you through Caring Bridge and some of our mutual author/illustrator friends.  I of course if still working at RIF would be in New York City periodically and could come to see you in person.  I retired from RIF in the fall of 2016 as I prepared to turn 69; I then spent 2017 having both knees replaced but not at the same time - six months apart.  I already knew a bit about the grueling therapy as I coached my father through that therapy about 20 years earlier; and of course my 45 year old cerebral palsied son has always undergone extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy...it was an intense period for me but great results. I

n retirement I have been spending time getting back into the groove of cooking which I always loved and going to Arkansas once a month to visit my son AND my three grandsons!  The grandsons are 11, 8 and 4.  It has been great fun to watch and be a part of the older two learning to read which they do very well.  The youngest one seems to be in the same mold and GiGi (that is me) keeps them all well stocked with books!  Having now also helped a couple of longtime friends each through a longterm major crisis, I hope there will be time for me now to be a better correspondent with you! 

I have included a picture of my son, Hamp, who gave permission for me to send it.  He is in the van we use to transport him around Little Rock to participate in activities with family and friends.  He lives in a small group home and works about 3/4 time each day.  I told him about all your therapy and he said what he always tells people in therapy:  Work hard, I know how important it is!  Hamp did not say more than two syllables at a time until he was between 6 and 7 with speech therapy five days a week prior to that magic moment when he cut forth with a lot of speaking!

I think of you often and know you like my son has always done are working very hard in therapy!