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Site created on March 4, 2019

Our beloved Molly was admitted into the ER and officially diagnosed with leukemia Saturday March 2nd at Sutter Memorial in downtown Sacramento, Ca. She is being treated incredibly well by the staff and her doctor is the head of oncology and hematology at the hospital, so she is in great hands! Please follow the posts for more information and updates. Thank you all for your love, care, and time devoted to our Molly!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tricia Harvey

Hey everyone! The last few months have gone to plan, which is why I haven’t updated. She’s had her last round of intervenes chemo and they’ve allowed her to stay in her (very cute) apartment; checking in the hospital every few days to check her levels.
 This last round of chemo was the most intense and molly was actually nervous for this round as it could effect her heart and her brain. After this last round completed, however, she became more bold (when she had the energy). She’s completed school work, went to restaurants, and even started planning her own cake business as well as babysitting services.  It’s hard to describe to you how much drive it takes to accomplish what she has while neutropenic and planning your life around where your levels are.
We’ve learned as a family how strong (and stubborn) our molly is through this process. She rarely complains, and we plan to take any complains she has more seriously- as she asks for very little. That said molly is now back in the oncology unit, but not for a planned visit. This Monday molly was in an immense amount of pain all day, especially where (we now know) she had an infection. Around 9pm she went to bed, but set an alarm for 3am to check her temperature, and thank God she did! She hit nearly 103! Our dad rushes over to get her and they immediately isolated her and got to work.  We now know (and this is terrifying) that if molly has waited for even a few hours more she would have gone into septic shock and died.  Setting her alarm, and dads quick reaction (mom followed behind shortly after), saved her life.
Molly is on the mend, but not fully out of the woods. They’re having a specialist look at her wound later today and will be able to better assess where she’s at, and make sure she is no longer septic. She’s still extremely weak, but has had mom and dad, estela and Lindsy (who are back on the floor for their own scheduled treatment).
We’re hoping molly will return home to my parents place by Saturday, given her levels are where they need to be and the sepcis and infection are on the mend.  From there, she has her biopsy scheduled for the 24th, which is so far unaffected by this infection.
From here, we’d love your prayers and when molly is better, she’d love if you would allow her to babysit or make you a cake! Thank you for being our friends and family through this, we’re beyond blessed and supported.
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