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Journal entry by Molly Johnson

Hello All! 

I feel like I just took a month "off" from cancer. There just wasn't much to do, cancer-wise, from the time I had my radiation until now. It felt weird to have 4 weeks free of appointments and labs, but it felt nice too. This past week I had my 3-month CT scan & labs. I also had my oncology appointment, drumroll please --- things look good! Whew! What a relief. All the cancer spots stayed the same and some were even a bit smaller. Great news! I felt scan-anxiety for a few days this week and man, was I tired. The stress and worry is real at times. So are the side effects of daily cancer meds. Bleh. 
I got an overview of the CT scan from Dr Akerley, but not many details about my tumor size, post-radiation. I'll speak with the radiation oncologist in a few months. Nothing too strange came from radiation. Sometimes I get a sore throat because the radiation site was close to my esophagus. NBD.  

Recently when I was feeling sad that cancer would be my constant companion for the rest of my years, I picked up my Come, Follow Me manual. I saw these words smiling back at me from the page -- LOOK TO GOD AND LIVE. Yes! Sometimes cancer makes me feel like I should be living in the shadows of my own life. No! I want to believe that everything will be okay. I want to live a lovely, full life. I want to shrug off the chains of my cancer diagnosis and LIVE! I'm thankful for reminders from heaven to keep going, to keep smiling.    

I read somewhere that if summer had a scent, it would be BBQ. For me, the scent of summer is the smell of the pancakes Mae is making for our 11am summer breakfast.
What about you? Summer's Scent is______________. Fill in the blank!😘  

Hugs, Hope and Healing from my sunburned nose to yours ;) Lots of love, Molly
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