Journal entry by Kelly Gorczyca

Day +17.    Things are going really well. (🤫don’t want to jinx us).  Mollys ANC continues to slowly rise (it’s 220), her bilirubin continues to lower 👍and we are mucositis free!!!   Very exciting!  Mild signs of GVHD ( graft vs host disease)  on her palms and soles of her feet.  It is one of the 9 that they don’t mind seeing since it means her new and improved immune system is working.
We have begun tree of life trimming,  not to be confused with the holiday type,  this one we take things off.  Bye bye pain meds! (The PCA part is done, she will get step down doses over next 3 days.  Next up cyclosporine, it will be replaced with a gentler oral med.   
This coming week she will get a full body scan done.   Once the  ANC is above 200 for 2-3 days the WBC will find any infections and glow for us in a CT scan.  If all clear we are done with the strong antibiotics.  
Our next goal is the TPN ween off which we  hope will help Mollys appetite get stronger.  She is sampling some things...Panera Mac and cheese, not such a good choice🤢.   We are working on more bland options.  Craig brought down our supplies for a smoothie so we are ready when she is!  This is the most challenging part of this phase, returning to eating.  Once she gets there we move into phase two...Ronald McDonald house with Real beds, our own kitchen and more then one room...heaven-ish!
We have been entertaining ourselves with all the field hockey playoff games both D1 and D3 along with some of the soccer playoffs.  For you Netflix fans we are finishing our binge of Frankie and Grace ( more me then her for this one).  Next up, Mind Hunter.
Stay warm!  
LPP ❤️

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