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Modern Decorative Clocks - See What's in Fashion Today!
Modern cosmetic clocks may break or make your house décor so choose with caution. Following is a choice of timepieces which will provide you some notion of the most recent trends in cosmetic wall clocks available on the internet and at the shops.
Blue Angel Hong Kong, have an internet shop that specializes in contemporary decorative clocks that have a sheet history painted in vibrant colours with oil paints. Their clocks are square and may be a decorative wall clock placed on a side table with a little stand. My favorites are all clocks that have vivid horizontal rings of colours such as purple, pink, green, yellow, orange and crimson. There are no numbers on the clocks, so only little lines set up of amounts and the palms are small and black so they don't detract from the total effect. They do not have a framework as well as the oil paints create the colours quite wealthy and appealing. I adore bright colours and these clocks are a few of my favorites since they are the kind of contemporary decorative clocks that provide a youthful and fashionable look to your house.
For something more complicated have a peek at the Movado WS1300M contemporary decorative clock. It has got a black dial with no amounts and the palms are silver. It is a round form with a brushed silver frame and has a diameter of 12". This clock will give your décor an ultra modern and minimalist look.
If you like to know the temperature and humidity in your home then take a look at the Seiko Contemporary Weather Station. It's an oblong shape with a case made of natural alder wood, a black dial and a glass front. Inside the glass there are three dials, one is a clock, one a temperature gauge and the last is a hydrometer. It measures 16 2/7"H x 6"W x 2 2/3"D and is a contemporary decorative clock in addition to a invaluable weather indicator.
The Howard Miller Urban Office is a no-nonsense timepiece which can fit in with just about any kind of contemporary setting. It is a 12" round decorative wall clock finished in Black Coffee with a nickel finished bezel. It has a flat, glass front over a white dial with black Arabic numbers and black hands. This is a modern decorative clock that would be easy for children to read and would be equally at home in a nursery or school setting, as well as in your home or office.
Some of the prettiest modern decorative clocks on the market are made by the Woodart Timepiece Company and can be purchased online. Their clocks have a 10" round shape with little petal contours surrounding the clock, that make it seem like a blossom. The dials are white with a cute flower motif along with the ornamental filigree hands are all black. The amounts are Arabic and a number of their decorative wall clocks come with a brief pendulum. These clocks will fit in with a blossoms and chintz décor and also add a bit of delicate prettiness to almost any area. To get more information click
If you're searching for a contemporary decorative clockbut are still uncertain what you need, why don't you invest 30 minutes searching the numerous online shops to provide you with a clearer idea about what is available and trendy at this time? There is certainly plenty of selection, from big wall clocks, collectible mantel clocks, electronic wall clocks and even wooden gear clocks! 1 thing is for certain -- there is a contemporary, decorative clock to match every taste!
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