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Welcome to Mitch’s CaringBridge page. We are using this source to keep family and friends updated on his journey.  We will be updating this site with all new information so please check here whenever you have questions.

Cards and words of encouragement can be sent to:
Mitch Kitter c/o Robin Curtis
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Seattle, WA 98106

On December 7th we heard the gut-wrenching words “you have Leukemia” Mitch traveled via medevac to Seattle, to have additional testing at University of Washington Medical Center. They have confirmed the diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia given at Providence. He has a trial ahead of him, but anyone that has met Mitch knows that "quitting" is NOT in his vocabulary and "strong" IS in his vocabulary!  He will be in Seattle for the next 7-8 months. Shalem will be by his side, when not able to be there physically certainly will be present emotionally. The team of leukemia specialist are some of the best in the country and will use cutting edge treatments and procedures to cure Mitch of this terrible disease.

Mitch’s mother and Jen will be tagging in and out with Shalem over the coming months, to see that he always has company. We have received many requests for visits, for which we are very grateful.  We will establish a calendar, once we understand what Mitch’s immune system is able to handle. The calendar will allow for traffic flow and planning.  Stay tuned. Please know your visits are very much appreciated and will be of great support to Mitch, Shalem and family.

Once Mitch has completed chemo his next challenge will be locating a bone marrow match. The course of chemo will destroy Mitch’s, requiring him to have a transplant. The technology of donated bone marrow has improved dramatically in recent years. If you are interested in this vital donation, please visit to order your swab kit for placement on the national registry.

Thank you all for the continuous love and support you have shown already.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Rhonda Prowell-Kitter

Hello Mid March from Seattle.

The February update had the call for “Come on Neutrophils”  

Shalem and I tagged team out on February 15th and just like that the neutrophils arrived!  He is so good for Mitch’s spirits and peace of mind.  With the increased neutrophils Mitch was able to qualify and began cycle 2.5. YEAH !!!  We were all so thankful, none probably more than Mitch who is ready to have this disease conquered and return to his normal routine.

Kyle and Blythe took an extended layover in Seattle to have dinner with the guys.  They were returning from working the campaign trail in the lower 48.  Catching up with their friends was wonderful and to hear the stories of their adventures was both inspiring and entertaining.  Later that week Matt, Paul and Yoda came down for the weekend.  The crew enjoyed visiting Seattle land marks and getting in some needed guy game time.

Jen and I tagged out Shalem in early March as he returned from the studio.  Mitch completed cycle 2.5 and we all thought/hoped we would begin cycle 3.0.  Unfortunately those pesky neutrophils were gone again.  When Mitch discusses neutrophils he refers to them as fans, and the human body as a stadium.  On average, you and I have between 1,500 and 8,000 fans in our stadium.  The chemo Mitch takes knocks them down and the bone marrow has to rebuild.  

Mitch only needs 750 fans to show up.   For three test cycles Mitch had zero, ZERO fans in his stadium.  Then low and behold Shalem arrives and his fans returned.  However only 10 came.  Neutrophils help fight infection.  Mitch has no ability to fight off infections and Sunday he developed a high fever and was re-admitted to the University of Washington.  

As you can imagine this news was not welcomed.  If you haven’t heard there is a pesky virus out there that is occupying not only the news cycle, but taxing the medical treatment system as well.  Mitch is not allowed any visitors at UW as the hospital is on lockdown.  This is frustrating,  for all of us.  They have been running blood cultures and screenings with no diagnosis of what is causing the temperatures spikes as of yet.  Good news is that he did test negative for strep, Covid and his chest x-ray is clear.  He will need to be fever free for 48 hours before they will consider a discharge.  His body is exhausted and is clearly asking for a break.  

Shalem and Robin have been bleaching, lysoling, Cloroxing and disinfecting everything at the house.  However a brief interruption occurred when Robin sliced her thumb open and Shalem needed to rush her to the urgent care for stitches.  Once again Shalem is our hero.  Taking care not only of the house, Mitch’s care but also ambulance driver for Robin.

Co-Vid has most of us working remotely from home.  When multiple video conference calls are occurring at the same time, it makes from some hilarious cross communication.  Just as in your home, we all are concerned about the health of each of us, the health of our economy, the access to food/gas/medical supplies but also travel.  The 2 week rotation we have been doing has worked well for Jen/I and Shalem.  However the recommendation to self quarantined for 14 days following a plane ride makes that routine problematic.  We will continue to do our best to keep our Mitch safe during our planet’s current medical challenge.

Mitch’s family greatly appreciates all the cards/texts/emails and calls in support of him and us as he battles on.  One of our close friend, JBC, got us T-Shirts soon after Mitch’s diagnosis, that reads, In this family no one fights alone.  Leukemia Awareness.  I am reminded daily just how large Mitch’s extended family is and how much he is loved.

Thank you for keeping the positive thoughts coming!


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