Rosemary Getsie|Jun 2, 2020
gorgeous! Your missive on the vm is very tender. You are the friend that everyone should have.
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Bill Wheatley-Heckman|May 13, 2020
Thanks Marie....loved the pictures of young Miki
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Laurie Divine|May 12, 2020
Thanks Marie. Love the pictures and love that your friendship with Miki was so rich and I love how much the two of you loved each other!!
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George Marturana|May 12, 2020
I LOVE the saying “It’s Better to have LOVED and LOST than NEVER to have LOVED at all”!!! The pain of losing is sometimes almost unbearable, but I am Personally Glad to have LOVED Adults and Young Children and Dogs and have lost them in death than NEVER to have known them at all! Everyone that I have LOVED Completely ENRICHED my Life, and Marie, I KNOW Miki did that for you TOO!!! She, not unlike most we have LOVED, will ALWAYS be in YOUR HEART, and You WILL Smile more and more with the passing of time EACH and EVERY TIME You think of HER!!!!!
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Gwen Blackmer|May 12, 2020
Thank you Marie for all you have done to let us know more about Miki It has been a real comfort. I know you are hurting, you were a true friend and I wish you all the best going forward.
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