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April 22, 2020

At the cemetery on Monday I was telling Jean and Fran about one of Miki's early assignments as a journalistic working for the teen magazine TEMPO.  I told them that an assignment she was given to pick up at the airport and spend a day with Peter Noone, Lead singer of the wildly popular, at that time, Herman's Hermits.  After that day and the ensuing article she wrote about it, her job became that of meeting artists coming to Colorado for performances, hanging out with them and writing about her experience for the magazine.  Today, I found the article.  Taking photos of old newspaper that is long and in a very big album that curves because of the bulk is not easy. I apologize for the quality. I believe the three photos will allow you to read the article without missing too many words. It reads DOWN the left and then down the right. So you'll have to look at each photo twice if you attempt to read the whole article...Well, you'll figure it out. You're friends of Miki's so I KNOW you're smart! 

I hope every one of you is safe and healthy. 


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