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April 21, 2020

Yesterday I visited Miki's grave. The day was lovely. There was a herd of deer wandering around eating grass (and occasionally someone's fresh laid flowers!)The sky was very blue with very large puffy white clouds. The grave still fresh and the cemetery personnel had culled all the still viable flowers from the casket spray and they were laid lovingly on the grave.  I sat and talked with her for the few minutes before Lynn Stuart arrived and then she and I move some boxes of things that Beverly had packed for me to go through - pictures and albums and some letters. Lynn had to leave and I waited for two of our bridge club friends, Fran Vanecko and Jean Hupka.  We talked by Miki's grave for quite awhile and enjoyed the birds and deer, the mountains, the weather.   I told them about one of her very first jobs at Tempo, a teen magazine, and how after she was sent on assignment to pick up  Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits at the airport, and hung out with him for the day showing him around Denver and even Estes Park, her job eventually became meeting all the acts who were flying into Denver for a performance. Apparently "Herman" was impressed and likely smitten with our girl!

Today I opened one of the boxes and took out a VERY large "album" of sorts, STUFFED with articles written about and by Miki (I presume..because I haven't gone through much of it yet), but it appears to be entirely from the late 60s and early 70s and here are photos I took of A: the album (so you can see how big it is) and also of the first article about her and the next 2 pictures are an article SHE wrote.  If you are waiting for things from me, please know that I WILL be sending them. There is still A LOT to go through and also there's a PANDEMIC!  So I will be saving these things for you and sending them as soon as I can.





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