Thoughts & Well Wishes

Krista Wheatley-Heckman | Apr 2, 2020
Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Miki's final resting place. I know she would love that spot. I added a couple of pictures I found the other day. We were Miki's neighbors in Greensboro for 4 years before moving to Maryland. These pictures were taken when we came back to visit her and introduce her to our two children she never met. Of course Miki had tricks and fun up her sleeve as she entertained us with yoyo trick and gave everyone a chance to learn how to yoyo. It was so wonderful to see her again and I love that I found these pictures and was reminded of her beautiful smile! Krista and Bill Wheatley-Heckman
Sylvia Haefeli | Mar 21, 2020
I am sad to hear that Miki passed and I am happy she passed peacefully with Marie and Bev at her side.  Obviously they are dear loving friends whom I have never met in person but through this blog have learned how special they are.  Thank you both for staying the course and being with Miki until the end.  She led a special life and left a remarkable impression on this nation.  She will be missed and I grieve for her.  I know Regina welcomed her home with open arms.  They are together at last.  One last question, who is taking her beloved dogs?  If no one can, I will take them here in Troy, NY.  My phone is 518-847-3190.  My home is perfect for dogs.  I have a fully fenced yard and years of experience having dogs.
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Caroline Kava | Mar 7, 2020
Hey Miki, Nola and I were just out looking at a one level condo - and there were 5 old-timers ahead of us.  And none of us got into to see anything as the lock was jammed.  They expect a bidding war on Monday - but its pretty far out for us - Peace haven and Country Club area.  Closer to where you guys used to live.  And Julie. Thinking of you.  Sending healing vibrations.  So grateful you have Marie to help you, and Beverly as well Lori told me.  God bless them and you.  🙏😘C & N
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