Vee Warf|Apr 9, 2020
Sorry, I lost it but let me know if you got anything at all. If not, I will start over again. It was so long ago I am not even sure now how many months we worked together. I had already put in my paperwork requesting a transfer when Niki came to our Dept..
I found an old phone number (Greensboro) for her about a year ago(maybe longer) and called it and I guess that person got in touch with Miki in Colorado and shortly after she called me. She had not forgotten me. She always treated me as a friend and never tried to act like my boss. Even tho I respected her and knew she was. Wish I could have talked to her again.
Let me know if you didn't get the beginning of this.
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Marie Groh|Apr 9, 2020
Very kind of you Vee. If you read this and if you're so inclined, I'd love to hear how you knew Miki. It helps hearing the stories of the lives she interacted with and touched.
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