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Jun 13-19

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For the most part, our dad's journey has been filled with hope and has gone fairly smoothly. Bone marrow transplants are one big mix of bad and good, and we've been so thankful for the good. Dad's body took to Sandi's cells like a champ, that's the best part. That continues to be true, according to the lab work so far. But lately, he hasn't been feeling well, has difficulty with fatigue and a lack of appetite, and just seems somewhat "off" in how he feels. Thankfully he has an appointment with his Mayo clinic doctor today. He also has called to report the changes and had a med change that we hoped would improve his appetite, etc. So far it hadn't really turned around, so we'll see what happens with lab work today, and the conversation with the doctor. 

The last month was extra hard for recovery because dad's mom became ill and went on hospice. She was gone in a matter of days. This wasn't entirely unexpected, but it was of course terribly sad. Saying goodbye to a mother is never an easy thing. This meant many days without rest, a funeral and grief. 

Our parents also celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, so with the help of some friends, my sister and I tried to pull off a party. I say "tried" because we invited people via Facebook and in the church bulletin, but this ended up leaving out a lot of folks that aren't on Facebook and/or don't go to our parent's church. This is my way of saying I'm sorry if you weren't aware of the party! Many people have told us they wish they would have known, so of course we feel guilty that they didn't hear about it. It was open to everyone, of course, but there's no going back in time. Shoot.
Hindsight of course made it look obvious that we could have put in the paper or something, to reach more folks. Our heads aren't entirely clear these days. 

Please send your faithful thoughts and prayers to dad, for energy and appetite once again. The way he feels may be a sign of graft versus host disease so we'll be sure they are checking that today in Rochester. 

All the best, 


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