sharon hansen|Feb 7, 2019
Once again love and prayers for all of you. What a journey. Thank goodness He never leaves you or forsakes you.
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Nancy Baker|Feb 7, 2019
Praying for good reports for your dad, Heather, and renewed strength and health! May God strengthen, encourage, and comfort each of you as you mourn your grandma's passing and walk through so many challenges in life. I was one who did see the announcement about your mom and dad's anniversary party. Randy and I were very much looking forward to attending and planned to be there, but ended up staying home because of inclement weather and roads. How wonderful, though, that you were able to celebrate this landmark anniversary and your parents' marriage and years together!
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Vickie Vogt|Feb 7, 2019 (edited)
Will do of course in prayer. Hard times make memories and you need to take care of you and your family too. God will take care if your Dad of course because we are all praying for him. No pill for appetite. Happiness helps, however because it causes the endorfins in your brain to work better. With everything he's been through and the loss of his Mother, may have triggered something more deep inside of him while grieving. Anyhow, good news is that we are your prayer warriors and we are here to help!❤ Blessings to all of you😘
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Ione Norling|Feb 7, 2019 (edited)
Thank you for the update . Love and prayers continue ......
Safe travels today , praying a wall of protection surround you .
Love , ione
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Darlene Bechtold|Feb 7, 2019
Please give your Mom and Dad hugs from me to congratulate them on 50 years of marriage. I love both of those "guys" so very much. I hope and pray for good news from the visit to Mayo today also. You are all in my prayers.
Love from Darlene Bechtold
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Christa Otteson|Feb 7, 2019
Love to you all.
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Kathleen Rodelius|Feb 7, 2019
Of course praying for the very best for Mike! Praying for answers and help for him......

Much love,
Kent and Kitty
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