Thoughts & Well Wishes

Dean Ditmer(Phoenix, AZ) | Jun 25, 2018

Of course you are attacking this battle with strength, courage, and even a sense of humor.  I have been thinking a lot about you and certainly praying for you.  I am glad we met through "goodness" and concern for our dear old Dayton!  I wish you comfort and the kind of support and "love" your tremendous generosity has provided so many over the years at the "Feast of Giving."  It sounds as if you have a great summer planned around family and friends.  Know are admired, respected, and cared about by many.  You're one of the real "good ones."  Keep your head up and feel the love of those you have provided for and stood strongly behind over the years.   Best,  
Suzie Berman | May 17, 2018
Hi Mike I just thought I would let you know I have been thinking of you you have a great outlook and I believe that your positivity will get you through! I work with heart. Patients all day. And the positive ones r my inspiration!! Tell Felice I have been thinking of her also and of course Jordan! Suzie
susie katz | Apr 27, 2018
Sports, shmorts, Mike. And talk about golf? What I know about golf extends to the complaining about the duffs and dubs or the glorifying of a well played hole that I'm subjected to when Eddie gets home from the course EVERY time he plays...and that's been going on for 50 years...interested?? So, maybe this will be interesting to you. I've recently decided to give in to the pressure and learn how to play the game of princesses - Mah Jongg, and I am happy to share with you my extremely slow progress as I attempt to enter this very, very competitive and sometimes scary world. Does that qualify as sports?? On the other hand, your reporting on your journey through your challenge is so very uplifting and is so exemplary of how to do this right. As you continue to draw strength from your amazing family and your close circle of old friends (and by that I mean long-standing, not chronologically, of course) those of us just outside that nucleus also care deeply about you and your continued progress. We wish you victories, small and large, and that you continually feel the love and caring that is felt for you and your family from all directions.
Stanley Katz | Apr 15, 2018
Hi Mike!  Susan and I were just thinking about you.  We hope the treatments are going well.  We spent the weekend in Chicago visiting Lauren, John and the two grandchildren and I thought about what you said.  I try very hard to relish every day and how blessed we are and have been!
Be Well and hope to speak with you soon.
David Walsh | Apr 14, 2018
Hi Mike,

I had a "quarterly catch-up w/ Bill D" this past week and he mentioned your battle w/ the brutal and random disease called cancer. 

I just wanted to let you know that Anne and the girls and I have put a few extra logs on our prayer fire for you as you go head-on with this fight.  With only 5+ years of knowing you under my belt, I learned two things...1) Family is at the top of your pyramid of "things that matter", and I know your families (immediate, extended, Lastar, and beyond) are all rallied around you with the strongest support imaginable, and 2) Toughness is likely one of your strongest personal attributes and there's no question that cancer has picked about as formidable an opponent as it could have! 

Our Love, prayers, and warmest wishes,
David, Anne, Mackenzie & Madison Walsh