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Site created on July 5, 2019

After being diagnosed with testicular cancer if March of 2018, Mike is still on his road to remission. The next few months are going to be filled with harsh treatment followed by a number of months of recovery. I have created this page to keep everyone as up to date as often as I possibly can. Please feel free to post comments or post whatever you would like to in the Well Wishes tab located at the top of this page.

Thanks for showing Mike so much love and support through this rough time! ♥

Newest Update

Journal entry by Seirra Hoover

Hi Everyone!

Everything with Mike has been going great. Somehow he says that this has been the easiest treatment, which is surprising, because it definitely seemed like it would be the toughest. He has been feeling perfectly fine for a while now...he's able to eat, has plenty of energy, and no crazy side effects. The only thing keeping him at the hospital is his ANC (a more specifically calculated white blood cell count). It has been hanging out at zero, until this morning where it finally jumped up to 200. They will not release him until it is above 500. It seems like it should jump up again, so he should be able to finally come home by tomorrow or Friday! 

Mike is still at risk of easily getting sick. Typically, you are out of the risk area when your ANC is above 1500-2000. Therefore, he will be in "isolation" for about two weeks at home. People are more than welcome to come visit at the apartment, but as always, please do not stop by if you are even the slightest bit sick! After isolation and once his counts start to recover to a normal level, he will undergo this same treatment one more time. It could be one month from now or it could be up to four. Although, with how well this one went, I'm assuming they will probably do it sooner than later. 
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