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November 12, 2020

This will be short.  Mike was discharged today.  Alleluia !!!  He has a little extra hardware to carry around for awhile, his wound vac machine. It will be the 3 of us for awhile but at least not at the hospital.  I couldn’t help the happy tears flowing as I saw him walk out ready to go “home” with me. I think I even saw a tear roll down Mike’s face as we pulled away but that could be because I was driving!  That part of this adventure is finished and for as happy as we both are for it to be completed, both of us are going to miss the hospital staff that took such great care of him.  Obviously the surgeons and all the OR staff were the ones to save his life but the group on Pavilion 2 of the 5th floor at Good Sam Medical Center from nurses all the way down to housekeeping and food service made the stay more bearable for 6+ weeks.  We will truly miss them.  Many stopped by this week to say goodbye because they didn’t think they would be working when he was finally released. I think he might be famous for awhile up there!
When we finally return to Cincinnati we will have more doctor visits, more home health care for his wound vac, and more surgeries in 6-12 months but the worst of the storm has passed.
I know I say thank you every time I complete one of these posts but WE REALLY mean it.  We have felt the support from near and far and it has helped tremendously !  I have to say that the staff, all of you, and our faith has gotten us over this mountain.  No words can express the gratitude we are both feeling.
Love to all,

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  • Nan-c Feiertag : Brings tears to my eyes.
  • Lisa Trump : Thanks be to God! So happy for this news !
  • John Trump : Great news