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Mar 07-13

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Hello Friends & Family!

Dad has been slow and steady in his recovery. We found out 2 weeks ago that his kidneys might finally be bouncing back! He just completed a full blood workup and 24-hour urine collection. We are hoping to hear some results within the week. In the meantime, for the last 2 weeks, dialysis has been changed from 3 days/week for 4 hours each day to 2 days/week for 3 hours each day. So far so good!

He is still doing physical therapy 2 days each week but is no longer doing it at home. He is strong enough to go into the office. Dad still gets tried easily and needs to build endurance but his strength has improved incredibly! 

The slowest part of recovery has been the ICU Delerium. Dad was referred to a neurologist because we were seeing worsening confusion and forgetfulness. He had the initial appointment last week (3-hour appointment) and went for an EEG today (2-hour appointment). The doctor is fantastic and so thorough! After the initial appointment, she thinks that his brain is still recovering from all the trauma of the hospital. We will know more after the results of the EEG are reported. We have to keep reminding ourselves of everything he went through in the hospital.  What was supposed to be just a TAVR heart valve replacement turned into ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and kidney failure. That is so much for anyone to have happen and for it all to happen within 1 week is devastating to the body.

I am currently in Berlin and arrived Monday. I was prepared for the worst, but have definitely been seeing more of my "Dad" than I was expecting. Sleep is the biggest telling point for good days or bad days. The other startling concern is his weight loss but thankfully his appetite is returning. 

Dad still has a long road ahead of him but he is getting there and is determined scale that mountain! We will update again once we have results for his kidneys and from the neurologist. 

Stay safe and hope you are all enjoying our first little glimpses of spring! 17 days to go......

Love, Gretchen (& Christine & Mercedes)

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