Estela Zabaleta|Jan 15, 2021
Thanks for the up date. I see that Miguel has to recover a lot of strength. We pray for all of you and keep you in our hearts.
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Michael Fleming|Jan 14, 2021
Went to see him last night! He seemed very chatty. Was great to sea him!!!
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Dee Ann Torres|Jan 14, 2021
We are keeping your Dad, and your entire family, in our constant prayers! Thank you for your helpful progress report on your Dad’s healing and recovery! We’re hoping the nutritionist can help with diet suggestions! I wonder if he has tried drinking cold Ensure, with a straw, to give him the vital calories and nutrition he needs. We’ll be praying that his appetite will improve, and that he will begin to get his strength back. We’re sending our love to all of you, and keeping you in our constant prayers!! ❤️🙏😌🙏❤️
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Lori Hansen Riegle|Jan 14, 2021
Thank you, Cede, for this update. We are so glad he is home with your Mom where he will do the best in terms of recovery of his physical strength and post ICU syndrome. We are keeping Miguel, Christine and your whole family in our prayers! We also hope your mom can do things that help her persevere her health and emotional strength. 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️
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