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March 3, 2021

Hello Friends & Family!

Dad has been slow and steady in his recovery. We found out 2 weeks ago that his kidneys might finally be bouncing back! He just completed a full blood workup and 24-hour urine collection. We are hoping to hear some results within the week. In the meantime, for the last 2 weeks, dialysis has been changed from 3 days/week for 4 hours each day to 2 days/week for 3 hours each day. So far so good!

He is still doing physical therapy 2 days each week but is no longer doing it at home. He is strong enough to go into the office. Dad still gets tried easily and needs to build endurance but his strength has improved incredibly! 

The slowest part of recovery has been the ICU Delerium. Dad was referred to a neurologist because we were seeing worsening confusion and forgetfulness. He had the initial appointment last week (3-hour appointment) and went for an EEG today (2-hour appointment). The doctor is fantastic and so thorough! After the initial appointment, she thinks that his brain is still recovering from all the trauma of the hospital. We will know more after the results of the EEG are reported. We have to keep reminding ourselves of everything he went through in the hospital.  What was supposed to be just a TAVR heart valve replacement turned into ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and kidney failure. That is so much for anyone to have happen and for it all to happen within 1 week is devastating to the body.

I am currently in Berlin and arrived Monday. I was prepared for the worst, but have definitely been seeing more of my "Dad" than I was expecting. Sleep is the biggest telling point for good days or bad days. The other startling concern is his weight loss but thankfully his appetite is returning. 

Dad still has a long road ahead of him but he is getting there and is determined scale that mountain! We will update again once we have results for his kidneys and from the neurologist. 

Stay safe and hope you are all enjoying our first little glimpses of spring! 17 days to go......

Love, Gretchen (& Christine & Mercedes)

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January 14, 2021

Greetings friends and family, and Happy New Year! We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.

Dad has now been home for more than two weeks, and we are so grateful for the care of his doctors and nurses leading up to that transition. His recovery has hit a few speedbumps, but his amazing primary care doctors are on top of all of it, paying him visits at home and checking in with Mom almost every day. Right now the biggest hurdle is nutrition - he is frequently nauseated and does not have the desire to eat, and we need him to start putting some meat back on his bones. Mom has tried making everything under the sun! As a result he is still very weak, not sleeping well, and his blood pressure is not stable. Mom will be speaking with a nutritionist in the coming days who will help her come up with a plan of care.

He is getting physical therapy at home and continues dialysis 3x a week, now a bit later in the day (not "oh-dark-hundred" as Mom says) when the facility is a bit quieter. The confusion also comes and goes, a result of the ICU delirium which his doctor is investigating further with the help of a psychiatrist. 

Please do continue prayers for his healing and recovery, and cards/well wishes are always welcome. Texting is sometimes difficult for him, so physical cards and phone calls are usually best. We also are discouraging visitors for another few weeks until both his strength and cognition are showing signs of improvement. 

Thank you all for your support!!❤️


December 29, 2020

Thank you all for your love and support over the past seven weeks as we prayed for Dad/Papi/Miguel’s recovery. We had no idea what we were in for when he walked through the doors on November 10th for a relatively uncomplicated heart surgery. Thankfully, by the grace of God, he came home today! Christine picked him up from Berlin rehab late morning and he was subsequently overwhelmed with joy seeing Gretchen, Christopher, and Cede here waiting for him. He has enjoyed two delicious meals, took a few naps, and is now sleeping soundly in his own bed. 

Next week he may be able to handle some socially distanced visitors, but for now his focus will be on rest, physical therapy, nutrition, and managing life on dialysis (which we hope is temporary). Please call him anytime you’d like, and you can send cards to him here at home. 

Also, he does not know about this site, so kindly refrain from any mention. We don’t think he is ready to read it yet - maybe in a few months once he is fully recovered. 

Again, thank you all so so so much for all the support and prayers, we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Love is all you need ❤️


December 28, 2020

Finally, the update we have all been waiting for.... Dad is coming home tomorrow!

Cede and I will both be home to help Mom welcome him home and we are so excited to give him real hugs.  This Covid-era hospital and rehab stay has been excruciating for all of us.  

He will be continuing Dialysis 3 days a week and Physical Therapy as often as possible at home (thank you to Justin, the across-the-street neighbor). Dad has had such a journey in the last 7 weeks and we can't wait for it to come to an end.  ❤️



December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! For those thinking about going to visit Dad through the window, please call Mom to let her know beforehand. He has been having some episodes of confusion, so she will let you know how he is and if it’s a good time for you to go. Thank you 😘 


December 24, 2020

A quick update to say Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family 🎄

Dad is still in Berlin Rehab but doctors are hoping for him to be home next week. So no Christmas homecoming.... He has been keeping up with dialysis and physical therapy and is slowly and steadily gaining his strength back. He has been having lots of visitors to his window and finally got to see his two favorite little granddaughters yesterday ❤️
As long as things keep heading in the right direction, our next update will be that he is heading home!
Stay safe and enjoy your families 🎄


December 19, 2020

Hi family and friends, just letting you know that dad is still doing well and working hard on his recovery. He is able to walk short distances without a walker and is committed to getting stronger and healthier overall. All we want for Christmas is for him to come home, but it may end up being a bit longer, only time will tell. The last thing we want is to rush his transition and realize it was too soon. We are praying for his continued healing, and thank you all for your love and support. 


December 15, 2020

No news is good news, and in this case it truly is! Dad is committed to his PT and is now able to walk on his own with a walker across his room and partially down the hall, and back. His strength is gradually coming back but he still has a ways to go. His appetite has thankfully returned (!!!) and he seems to be settling into a good routine. Progress is steady and we hope that the doctors all agree that he is able to go home next week sometime. Fingers crossed 🤞 

Love to all!!