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November 14, 2019

So many ups and downs these last couple days.  She’s generally been very agitated but I was able to finally start nursing her today so that’s been a huge help in comforting her at least for a bit.  She took right back to it and That was a huge win.  We've been able to remove a lot of wires (many because Millie ripped them out, the feisty thing she is, even though they weren’t actually ready to do so).  We’ve also moved to the step down unit, which I was very apprehensive about given the events of last night, but it’s much quieter over here and it seems to have eased her anxiety a bit.  he biggest win of today was getting our first post-op smiles.  I’ve missed those so much these last two days 💜 we’ve already seen that things can change very fast, but right now things seem to be moving in a positive direction and we are so grateful for that. 

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