Journal entry by Erica Webb

I’ve successfully made it to Boston as of Sunday night and have been welcomed by the sweetest hosts.  I stayed with my very close friends from grad school, Kim and Conor LeBlanc, Sunday and Monday night, and now am with Kelly and Ryan (Matthew’s sister and her husband) and will be here for the next week and a half. We are so lucky to have friends and family here to help us and give me some company.

I had a bunch of doctors appointments on Monday as well.  Sweet Millie is growing well, measuring over 7 lbs on ultrasound, and I got a peek at her face on 3D ultrasound.  It looks like she may have some features resembling our little man which was exciting to see.  I am slightly dilated at this point, so just doing everything I can to avoid going into labor before Matthew gets here.  So cross your fingers and say a little prayer that our sweet girl holds off until at least Saturday. 

I miss my boys terribly, but family at home are taking great care of them— treating Matthew to some birthday celebrations and making sure the little man is getting plenty of attention and love.  We are fortunate to have so much help ❤️

Those are the only updates to share for now... hopefully the only ones to come until at least Saturday! 

P.S. happy birthday Matthew 😘
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