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Sharing the News 12.01.18

With this pregnancy, we have dreamed about all of the exciting things to come for our second little one.  More than anything, we have hoped for a happy and healthy baby.  Unfortunately, we recently learned that our sweet baby has tachycardia and a congenital heart defect, tetralogy of fallot, that will require open heart surgery within months of being born.  With this news, our dreams have changed for this baby.  While we still hope they are happy and healthy, with many exciting things to come, we now dream more than anything that they are a strong, brave, little fighter. That they are determined, fierce, and courageous.  That they know they are loved beyond measure and that they have parents, family, and friends that will fight endlessly for them.  That our hearts beat for them always ❤️❤️ We’ve been struggling with whether to share this news publicly or not, but at the end of the day figure the more prayers there are out there for our little one the better.  This holiday season we are thankful for your love and support, the blessing of our amazing kiddo, our sweet baby on the way, and the strength and knowledge to protect and fight for our family.  May we all find joy in the celebrations of this holiday season and cherish the ones we love ❤️