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Michelle is doing much better these days and enjoying life with her husband, Jesse and their daughter!

Michelle was diagnosed with Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS), a rare neurological condition that affects 1 in 10 million people. It typically affects children, making Michelle's adult-onset even more rare. She first developed symptoms in 2010. It took 2 years to be officially diagnosed. She has been on a number of treatments since then to control her symptoms.

Michelle's symptoms of OMS at first were just dizziness.  But then her balance started getting really bad and people would notice her eyes dancing around. Shortly after this her muscles started twitching, shaking and cramping. When her symptoms started she was in Chiropractic school, so studying was difficult- her vision was blurry and she was extremely fatigued and nauseous almost all the time. 

Since then, it has been a long road. In 2014, Michelle was seen by Dr. Carrick at Carrick Brain Centers in Atlanta which really helped get her active life back. She continues to do IVIG and Rituxan treatments in addition to the brain exercises Dr. Carrick came up with. 

Michelle was able to manage her infusions in a way that allowed her to have a baby. Some women with OMS experience relapses during pregnancy. Thankful Michelle did just fine, experienced minimal symptom flare up and they now have an almost 2 year old daughter!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Michelle Snider

One year ago I was on a plane to Atlanta to see Dr.Carrick.  I am still so grateful to those who helped support my fundraiser and make this possible.  I wanted to share an update on how muchbetter I have been over the past year. First going back: In 2010- nearly 5 years ago- I suddenly became dizzy and progressively lost control of my body. My bouncing eye movements, muscle jerks and balance trouble turned out to be a rare autoimmune neurological disorder: Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS). I spent years fighting insurance for treatments, seeing countless doctors and spending hours in ERs, hospitals and infusion clinics every week. Even with all of that I was barely my old self.  Seeing Dr. Carrick at Carrick Brain Centers changed my life.

I have spent the last year enjoying life with my family and friends and being the active Colorado girl my husband married!  This year I have been backpacking, bike riding, skiing and more all without being dizzy, off balance, or paying theprice of “overdoing it”.   I will be forever grateful to all those doctors who have helped me in this journey. Dr.Glen Zielinski identified my condition early on and supported me as numerous Neurologists told me I was stressed and making it up. I wouldn’t have graduated chiropractic school without your support Glen! Dr. Steadman helped me in so many ways including putting up with me withdrawing from pain meds and anti-seizure meds after I had meningitis! Of course, thanks to my wonderful, supportive husband and my parents and brother. I love you guys.

Today, I am practically symptom free. I continue to do the brain exercises Dr. Carrick gave me at CBC. I still do IVIG and Rituxan but decreased the doses and tolerate without any side effects. I am off all other medications. I have not been to the ER in a year, which is incredible, given the fact that it seemed to be a frequent place I visited!  Just this winter I experienced the flu without it sending me into a downward spiraling relapse requiring months of adjusting my treatment doses. Who would have thought that getting the flu would be a milestone! I am so grateful to be at a point where OMS does not control me, I am loving life and enjoying God’s wonderful world!

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