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At the end of October, Michael and his family received the difficult news of a cancer diagnosis.  A tumor that started in the esophagus had spread to distant lymph nodes and the liver.   It is considered Stage 4.  Obviously, this news was met with shock and sadness.  Michael is determined to face this diagnosis head on and to fight with whatever tools the doctors think will be the most effective.

Michael and Katie  appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.  Feel free to leave comments and pictures. We will do our best to keep this site updated regularly as he goes through treatment.   Thank you for visiting.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for supporting this beautiful family.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Suzanne Teson

KMBC covered last Saturday night's Choose the Wrench event.  Click **HERE** for the story.

Words just can not express the thanks.  Everyone who bought a ticket, checked people in at the door, bid on an item, contributed to the fund-a-need, donated an auction item, wiped tables, set up the food line, donated beer... EVERYONE.

Here's what it means to the family:  It means being able to pay for an MRI or a CAT scan.  It means being able to pay for the port placement or liver biopsy or all of the crazy amount of bloodwork that will be ordered.  It means being able to pay the insurance premium without having to decide between that and the mortgage.

But here's what it really means to the family:  Hope.  When life is its hardest, hope is in short supply.  Friends, your love and support of Michael and Katie give them so much hope for the future, whatever it might hold.  They are not alone.  Their children are not alone.  They will not suffer in isolation.  They will be cared for and protected no matter what happens.  This is the greatest gift when you are so scared you can not even form a coherent thought or when you feel the weight of the world on you.  When you don't know how your children will handle the 'new normal', when you don't know if you can take another day of vomiting and exhaustion, when you face an important scan or decision about the right course of care, just knowing that there are hundreds of people out there praying for you and lifting you up gives you courage and helps you make it through.

Michael said it perfectly.  These thanks will never be enough, but we'll never stop trying to make it up.

We wanted to offer an extra special "thank you" to the organizers of this great event, Tabb and Maureen Reese, Rebecca and Brian Mertz, Erin and Paul Neuburger, Nikki and Todd Demint, Erin and Darren Mertz, Annette Teson, David Schumacher, and Mike Teson and the 71 South band.  Truly, they did a spectacular job.  This was no small undertaking.  Not only did they take the initiative to create the event in the first place, the final product was just amazing... A blessed reprieve of fun and camaraderie coupled with an overwhelmingly successful fundraising effort.  In case you missed it, the final total is $127,000.  Unbelievable!  They all just knocked it out of the park!!
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