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Site created on June 4, 2012

I created this website in 2012 when Michael survived  two liver transplants as autoimmune hepatitis was slowly ravaging his body. His illness never touched his strong, generous, kind, loving spirit.  He kept sharing his hugs, his gifts, his love with so many. Michael and I lived through six years  of  endless joys and sorrows through these years. 
The support all of you  gave us nurtured us as we kept going, always hoping for the best,. We never lost our hope.  Michael went on his way April 13, 2018, not to his ending but his beginning. Michael's loving soul has found lasting peace. Prayers for all of us. 
For the rest of my life, as I go forward, all the ways I hope to contribute to the peace and acceptance others may have of each other, to forgive, to love others even while loving is not easy. all this is to love and honor my husband, Michael. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by janice juvrud

Dear Family and Friends.

One Saturday evening while writing in my journal, in the background I heard the end of a talk about grief on NPR. Her descriptions sounded just like some of my feelings though not the one about rage. I only heard the tail end of her talk so I found her similar talk on Ted Talk. 

The speaker, Nora McInerny, expresses some of my feelings with more grace and humor than I can do now. Her talk is both heartbreaking and humorous. Her approach to death, something all of us will face, is liberating and gut wrenching. 

One of her messages which is comforting and supportive for me is......we don't move on from our loved ones, we move forward with our loved ones. 


Nora McInerny · Author, podcast host makes a living talking to people about life's hardest moments.

I hope you find her talk enlightening.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,


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