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Journal entry by Michael Bunn

Hi Guys!

It's  Bunner.  It's great to finally be back at home, and I  wanted to write this last journal entry, so with my thoughts and words, and a little help from the 2 strongest women I know,  here goes...

After 4 months, I achieved my goal to walk out of the hospital yesterday.  I  appreciate those of you that showed up to cheer me on as I walked through those doors, with God's grace, for the last time.  I am at Mama Bunn's, my temporary home, as I continue my work towards recovery from this brain injury.  My next goal is to return to my permanent home in Winston Salem with Allison and Cooper.

I have read all of these journal entries and your comments.  I have read your letters,  and cards, and I have felt your prayers.  I have no memory of most of this.  I have no memory of being in the hospital in Greensboro, little memory of coming to Raleigh or the first few weeks at WakeMed.  Still, I read all of this and find it hard to believe that this is actually about me, and my story.

Most of you that know me, also know my history and stuggle with addiction.  Anyone that has suffered with this disease also knows that it is a demon I will battle for the rest of my life.   Most days, over the last 3 years,  I have won the battle, but on April 21, 2020, I got my ass kicked!   There it is, the ugly truth....I  relapsed.  I passed out in a running car from an accidental overdose. With the added carbon monoxide poisoning,  my doctors call it "the perfect storm" .   So this is what I am told.  My memory of that night is also gone, but the aftermath lingers and tells my story.  My prognosis is upgraded to "good", but I still suffer some deficits.  My loss, and the pain inflicted on others is heartbreaking.   I share all of this with you because part of recovery is admitting truth and getting real.  This is as real as it gets, and I hope that someone, somewhere will benefit from my truth.  This is very hard to admit. 

From what I am told, God has been in the details from the very beginning.  At 3:00 a.m. on April 21, Anna Yarber,  Wesley's wife,  woke up and began praying.  She felt strongly that God was leading her to be in prayer for someone that was in trouble.  She said that she prayed for 2 hours for someone.   The next day she had a name... It was Michael.   There are more examples just like this one.   I wish I could talk with each one of you individually to let you know how much I appreciate you, and all you have done to support me, my family and Allison.  Your prayers have gotten me home.  

We'll sign off of Caringbridge  for now.  I hope to see you one day very soon!  Thanks again for everything!  By the way, Mama Bunn says that if one day you come across a book titled, "Bunner's Battle" look through it.  You may find yourself somewhere in the pages, because together, we are #FLOCKSTRONG!   I love you all!


God, Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and  Wisdom to know the difference.... Just for Today!              

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