roxy bee|May 15, 2019
Look out, tumor! The Great Healing Tribe is coming!
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gail speckmann|May 15, 2019
Michael, you see and experience such beauty in the world. If a time comes when words become too hard, I hope you will continue to share through your photography. There is a wonderful book by Christine Valters Paintner titled The Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice. I believe that it could encourage you with rich new possibilities. I will walk with you on your journey through treatment.
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Hanna Cooper|May 15, 2019
Bring it on. I'm with you in this next phase of treatment - the whole enchilada, egret, freak out, ecstasy, whatever comes. Love to you all.
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Ingrid Case|May 15, 2019
Over the top? I'd expect nothing less. :-) I'm glad you have treatment, both ongoing and upcoming. Thinking of you and your family. xoxoxo
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Ryan Ernst|May 15, 2019
Yeeeeeesssss......accepting ALL of exclusions....I'm with you and feeling abundant gratitude for all of it.
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Sister Karen Mohan|May 15, 2019
Dear, dear Michael ! I DO join you in your treatment AND in your love of the river and your many walks.
The line of friendship is strong and life-giving, even though we seldom get to see each other. Tonight I'm
bringing you into our Evening Prayer ! Love and peace....
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Wendy Morris|May 15, 2019 internal chemical cocktail of despair, egrets, meditation, and reminders to see, feel, and take in the joy beyond understanding ---- with space for despair, fear, pain, birds, brain surgery, wrapped in an ecstasy of belonging that doesn't exclude anything.... possibly not even words.
I guess you can sign me up for that treatment, too.
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Beth Johns|May 15, 2019
I'm in.
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Gwin Pratt|May 15, 2019
Traveling with you each step Michael. Part of the great cloud, both here and those just beyond in the thin places, witnessing and loving and connecting.
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Dick Hanson|May 15, 2019
Such a beautiful mind in spite of being so tortured physically! 💞
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