Christy Marek|May 20, 2019
Yes. Keep those words coming. Holding you in healing and loving light as you prepare for this next venture tomorrow. ✨🙏🏻
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Tyler Zabriskie|May 17, 2019
Loving your over-the-topittiness.
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Jill Braithwaite|May 16, 2019
Love you, Michael, with or without language.
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Barbara McAfee|May 16, 2019
I say yes to God's ecstasy. What else is living for, really?
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Kyoko Katayama|May 16, 2019
Michael, yes get the language in plenty. And you get to say, you asked for it. Yeah.
Your invitation is always irresistible and heart trembling. Of course I am joining you, including in God's ecstasy.
With much love to you and your family
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Nettie Smith|May 16, 2019
Thanks sweetie for sharing your radiance and for bravely opening your eyes and heart to be present to that creative edge.
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suzanne homeyer|May 16, 2019
dear, dear one...i aw my first egret in the city on a morning walk around the pond at Heritage Park....I think he may have been lost on his way to the egret rookery on the river...there is something about belonging, isn't will see him there on day. use as many eqoquen words and phrases as you want.the Word is powerful --- as the Silence is profuound. I love you.
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Brigid Bonner|May 15, 2019
Following your lead Michael. As the African proverb says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Let's stick together!
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Barbara Simmonds|May 15, 2019
The vision of your Egret now resides in a special space in my mind/heart.
Love to you, Michael
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Vera Snow|May 15, 2019
I’m in! Lead the way Michael 👉🌷🌞
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