James Crowfoot|Aug 13, 2019
Michael, Thank you for your Pendle Hill pamphlet and the experiences you shared along with the wisdom and "way forward" you have discovered. I deeply admire and respect your opening so many parts of your self in discovering the richness of greater vulnerability and wholeness. I hold you in the Light as well as your wife and children. May the Divine be with you always !! Love, Jim from Ann Arbor, MI and AA Religious Society of Friends
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Kirsten Johnson|May 16, 2019
I love your questions. They resonate very much for me as questions about living even as you are using them as questions about moving towards dying. I find that really beautiful.
I love you and am sending you joy and release!
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Jill Galstad|May 13, 2019
Dear Michael, those are some of the best questions I have ever seen. I am going to write them down and carry them with me in my notebook.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Wishing you blessings of healing and courage and peace,
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Laura Matanah|May 13, 2019
Sending love to you all
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Carolyn Williams-Noren|May 13, 2019
My thoughts are with your family a lot these days, especially during my morning, bird-song-filled walks in the river gorge. Hope I am leaving something there for you to pick up later.
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Erin Pratt|May 13, 2019
Loving each of you and fully supporting your active questions, inquiries, explorations- it sounds powerful, empowering and like a way to shift out of any stuck patterns of thought or views. It's brave and takes commitment to stay to brilliantly engaged in the midst of navigating this news and all of the choices.

My heart is with you,
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Hanna Cooper|May 13, 2019
Michael, I'm holding all possibilities open - this story isn't done yet. I'm so grateful for your words and insights, as well as for your friendship. I'm standing by.
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sara schultz|May 12, 2019
Love and peace to you.
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Dick Hanson|May 12, 2019 (edited)
Michael, I’ve always thought your posts on this journal AND the Comments made by your living network could be an important book for the benefit of others (no doubt a common thought by you & probably your whole network). As time has passed, of course, it’s more than one book. And I think this post could easily be turned into a significant book by an appropriate writer.

You are a remarkable person & thinker. What a legacy story, you are leaving behind!! I’ve been privileged to be part of your network.
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Karin Cotter|May 12, 2019
Hugs for you all.
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