Peter Gee|Apr 20, 2019
What a beautiful post and we are thinking of you always, Michael. An especially relevant post for us to re-read and more fully process together as we start our next round of chemo tonight. Thank you for reminding us about intention and that there is healing all around us. With love, Jeff and Peter
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Dick Hanson|Apr 18, 2019
Michael, I can’t remember if you know how much I relate to your passion for the healing power of the river. When we first connected about 15 years ago about Theory U, I was in the midst of my retirement dream, driving around the country in a boat doing the Great Loop ( ).

One of our many lessons learned & discoveries during that adventure was some music that I still retreat with periodically for it’s healing power which I think you might appreciate with me. It’s an album called Sacred River by Gandalf. Every selection in the album soothes & inspires me,

Dick Hanson 🙏🏼
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Kirsten Johnson|Apr 18, 2019
Sending you lots of blending energy. Visualizing the river flowing through you as that wide open field stretches out in front of you.
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Katherine Mullin|Apr 18, 2019
Chemo as a sacrament! Yes, The river flowing though you too is a sacrament! Yes, Sacrament: an outward sign of an inward reality of Christ's presence among God's people. You, Michael, are part of making this happen for all of us. Amen
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Tom Allen|Apr 18, 2019
In this with you Michael.
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Jim Lovestar|Apr 17, 2019
Wild turkeys are messengers from Spirit. May the blessing of the chemo pill support your connection of water and earth.
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Pat Cumbie|Apr 17, 2019
May the river continue to offer healing and respite on your retreat.
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Colleen Shepard|Apr 17, 2019
Thank you for allowing all of us to share in your journey and pray with you in spirit at the river. I am blessed by the abundant wisdom you share.
May you receive abundant blessings today.
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roxy bee|Apr 17, 2019
Tranquil river flows
Between and within shorelines
Wanderer at rest
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Kyoko Katayama|Apr 17, 2019
You have been on my mind and heart so much. I am in the field of great love even when I forget where I really am sometimes.

Immediately upon reading your journal I looked up "turkey" in the animal medicine book. It says, Turkey the Give-Away Eagle, "it is [a sign of] the deep and abiding recognition of the sacrifices of both self and others... It says that when you have turkey medicine you act and react on behalf of others... By sharing your journey you continue to teach and inspire with such generosity and discernment. Thank you for your on-going invitation and a reminder where we really are.

The river is high and powerful right now. May its healing presence penetrates you as love permeates you.
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