Cheryl Persigehl|Apr 11, 2019
Great Love surrounds you always. Amen and amen. Holding you close in prayer today an every day.
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Bobbie Spradley|Apr 10, 2019
Michael, you are loved and held in more ways than you or any of us know. You continue in my prayers.
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Melissa Clarke Larson|Apr 10, 2019
Trusting your heart and your spirit along with you.
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Mary Nations|Apr 10, 2019
Hi Michael - thank you for the exquisite ballet of love and uncertainty you are dancing and inviting us into. You are such a beautiful human, so glad to know you.
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suzanne homeyer|Apr 10, 2019
you go with that heart and spirit decision, michael! love, suzanne
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Joel Hodroff|Apr 9, 2019
You continue to lift up our communities as you always have. I appreciate the reminder that there is a reason Life/God is often referred to as The Great Mystery. Beaming love (my heart to yours; my brain to yours; my soul to yours), Joel 🌹❤️🌹🦋🌹
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Peri Zahnd|Apr 9, 2019
Thanks again, Michael, for the encouragement your story gives all of us on our journeys. I love your decision-making/discerning process. I want to affirm to you that you won’t, in fact can’t, make the wrong decision. Trusting God, trusting Love, trusting the indwelling spirit to lead you in the next best step is so amazingly simple, but it’s the way of faith. May you continue to feel great peace and presence in the days ahead!
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Christy Marek|Apr 9, 2019
Michael, thank you so much for your candid and heartfelt sharing and reflections. I appreciate the depth of honesty and simplicity you reach, and the reminder that it all comes down (and back to) the foundation of love. Your ability to utilize all of the resources available for your discernment is such a cherished example to all of us fortunate to witness you on your journey of living fully and heartfully and well while dying. You have so much to teach all of us at every juncture, which is perhaps just a fortunate byproduct of all that has transpired. The real story is everything else, precious and wise, and human. Story as healer, story as teacher, story as listener, story as companion. Story as witness. May you all have everything you need in this next step, and may you rest in the knowing that love carries and supports you all along the way. 🙏🏻💕
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Deborah Asberry|Apr 9, 2019
Michael, your capacity to lean into love and draw comfort from the field of love that surrounds you is a witness to the love that abides within you. Your prayers for Lisa and I last week were muchly appreciated and greatly needed.
I hope this new round of treatment brings healing and hope.
Sending waves of light and love your way.
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Deb Rich|Apr 9, 2019
Michael - love and grace are abundantly present, holding you in your inner wisdom and truth. I want to reflect back to you the clarity I see in your choices, which is, to support living as fully as possible for as long as you are here.
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