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Hi Everyone,

This seemed to be the easiest way to reach and update everyone, so please forgive how impersonal this is. We're trying to reach everyone, so please share this page with anyone who you think would appreciate these updates.

We are overwhelmed by the support, concern and love we’ve received from everyone but it has become difficult to keep everyone updated via just individual texts, calls and messages. This website will serve as a single place to receive updates and—going forward—it will be the exclusive place that we will post updates. We will try to update daily, so please bookmark this page and check it for any changes or news.

Please do not send messages asking for updates, as we will only be posting those updates here.

Please note that updates will be in the Journal section.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Eli Feldblum

Today was Micah's first full day at home. While he's still getting around the house easily enough on his own, we're still happy to report that his new walker and wheelchair were delivered today. The latter came in very useful when we had to take a trip to see his ophthalmologist and check on the progress of his eye. A very special thanks to Dr. Steven Greenstein for all of his help--and for the help of everyone from his office.
Micah got to spend time with his niece and nephews again, enjoyed some freshly cooked food from his friends (he waited for your food, Bonnie, before he agreed to eat anything), and relaxed in the house and watched some Fox News (he of course remembered what channel it is). He also spent some time with Eli and Margit reading and responding to texts and WhatsApps. His iPad is set up too, so we may introduce Facetime and other video calling soon.
We had a nice surprise tonight when we learned that his night aide, Oneil, is a barber, so Micah got to have a haircut at home before bed.
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