Dan Fenza|Nov 21, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Glad to hear Mel’s progress continues!
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Sheri Buretta|Nov 21, 2018
Dear Gigi and Mel it is wonderful to hear Mels progress and that you are together in your new home! The bonus is hunting camp cooking!!!

Gary and I went through the process of speech, occupational and physical therapy after his brain tumor in 2011. By far the most challenging part for him was not having his freedom to drive and the 6 months he had to drive with me. Although the one lesson he endured from me may have been his motivation when he got his checkride to be able to drive again. He directly headed to Copper center fish camp and stayed their for a a couple months continuing to heal. It was amazing to see how his brain synapses connected as he did familiar tasks. The brain had an amazing way of healing itself.

The occupational therapist worked with us to schedule a guy from the state fo Ak to check Gary off to get driving privileges back . You may want to check with the local DMV or a state agency to see if they are the ones to check him off.

Keep up the good work and have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. We have so much to be thankful for! Love to you and your family 🌸💕
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