Journal entry by Gigi Lynch

Hey everyone! Well, it’s been a crazy week—some wonderful things and some not so much. Thankfully, the wonderful outweighs the other by a landslide. Moving in our new home has been demanding in that it takes a lot of time and hard work but the effort is really worth it. We’re enjoying making our nest here and rediscovering some favorite things about being in LaGrange. The downside of the week was finding out how horrible the VA system is here in Georgia. It literally is rated one of the, if not THE, worst in the country. We were so lucky to get an appointment with a PCP this week but she warned us that therapy and specialist appointments were at least 3 months behind and Community Care (which is where you get referred out to a doctor in the community takes just as long). It’s a crime that our veterans are being treated like this. The doctor was really frustrated and we could understand why. We may end up using our secondary insurance if this week doesn’t produce any other good news regarding therapy appointments. We’re fortunate that we have that option when so many other veterans don’t.

Mel is doing really well. We’re doing as much therapy at home as possible—no substitute for the experts but I can tell his speech is slowly improving every day especially when he really concentrates on breathing correctly and ‘chewing’ the words. 

He’s having a good time here hanging out with Larry although I know he’ll be happier when he can drive again himself. 

Hope you all are staying warm wherever you are—for our Alaska friends: we got down into the 20s last night here in LaGrange! 

Love to all and have a wonderful week!!
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