Lisa Currie|Oct 17, 2018
So happy to hear all is moving along for the good. Congratulations to Bryce! Such great news. Thanks for the updates. As you mention with the upcoming travel schedules I’m amazed you have time to post anything at all. Mel is a true champion and I’m sure he will be back to full strength very soon. Keeping you in our prayers. We will call you once you are in GA to schedule a very quick visit to ensure the girls that Mel is in good hands. Lol. We are all looking forward to seeing you as soon as life on your end permits. Just missing you both! Love, me!
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Paula Wright|Oct 17, 2018
Glad to hear things are still looking up! Looking forward to seeing y'all when you get here. Happy 30th Anniversary!!! Ours will be next year. Hugs to you and Mr. Mel!

Paula and Bill
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Lisa Konoplisky|Oct 17, 2018
Gigi and Mel,

Excited to hear about the beginnings of speech therapy. That's tremendous. And so exciting about Bryce's promotion. I'm also glad to hear about Jean. I'm so proud of all the hard work you guys are putting in. Be well and I look forward to the next update. Love, Lisa
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