Journal entry by Gigi Lynch

Mel’s OT and PT evaluations went really well. He will do two sessions a week with OT/PT/ST until we leave next Saturday on the 27th. We saw his PCP yesterday and, although she was concerned about the stroke, she said that overall he was doing well. While we were at the hospital yesterday, we stopped in for a quick mini reunion with all this therapists. They were overjoyed to see him doing so well and asked him to please come back when we return. They are such a great group of people there at Providence. Tomorrow, we will start Speech Therapy which he is looking forward to. 

We’re also looking forward to having Kaitie’s boyfriend, Bryce, join us for a few days. Originally, he and Kaitie were going to fly up and celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary with us, instead, we decided to put off the celebration until he could get here. Another reason to celebrate is that he just got a huge promotion yesterday at Microsoft! We’re so proud of him! He flies in tomorrow night and will be here till Sunday and then Kaitie will leave Monday night to go back to Seattle. 

For those who know our friend, Jean—her surgery went great and she’s doing really well. Thank you for your additional prayers for her!!

Hope you all are counting your blessings. We sure are! XOXO
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