Lisa Konoplisky|Oct 15, 2018
Hey Gigi and Mel. It sounds like you are SUPER busy but that you are handling things with your usual aplomb. I’m so glad you are getting things sorted out with Chicago. I may vs down there around those dates. So if you need some support let me know. I miss you and am sending you and Mel all the love. L-
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Sheri Buretta|Oct 15, 2018
Hi Gigi and Mel...what a wonderful smile to brighten my day! Thank you for posting the update. I continue to send positive energy and healing thoughts to Mel. We will just have to make a special trip to go fishing in Georgia!
Love to you all,
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Julia Cossman|Oct 15, 2018
Safe travels to you and Mel, my dear friend!XXXXOOOO
Julia and Paul
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