Journal entry by Gigi Lynch

Yesterday was a busy day. Mel had an appointment with his endocrinologist which went well. Everything is in the normal range. We did some speech therapy together and the three of us played a game of Scrabble. Kaitie won but he came in second. I don’t want to talk about how I did. Let’s just say it’s been 15 years since I played him last time—I think you’ll figure it out. 

Today we have a home health evaluation which will be good to assess if we need to change anything here. We’ve installed grab bars but he’s doing so well he hasn’t even used them. He starts PT again on Monday and I know he’ll enjoy that. He’s always up for a challenge!

Well, it’s the weekend so you know where he’ll be tomorrow. Hope you all have a good one and if you have time for more prayers, please say one for Jean. Her surgery is today and we’re hopeful all goes well with her recovery, too. 

Love you all!

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